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Fully assembled and Pre Built Sheds for sale are actually fairly common.  Many think getting a new shed built or sent to their home is difficult, however the majority of shed makers and builders, ship either a pre-assembled or a fully assembled shed right to your home!  On top of that, many included free shipping right to your yard!

Pre-built sheds sheds often come in a completed assembly with little to no work needed to be done.  Due to the large size of a fully assembled shed or barn, UPS will not cut it.  Generally the maker use some type of LTL shipping (a big truck is most common) and will even offload the shed for you.  You should inquire with the builder/distributer directly, to find out if they will transport it to the exact spot in your yard.  Large wooden and metal sheds may require some install work and may be too heavy to lift on your own.  For these types of sheds, the builder may ship direct and also install it to the exact area in your yard as desired. 

Below are sources for pre built sheds, however not all may include free shipping to all areas of the country.  If you're looking at a large and heavy unit that requires several men or extra machinery, you should ask the maker or builder directly about the shipping costs and arrangements.  Not all include free shipping to all parts of the country and some may not install and fully set up youyr shed.


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