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Rubbermaid Sheds For Sale





The Rubbermaid Sheds and brand have been manufactured for over seven decades and during that time the company has provided consumers with some of the strongest and longest lasting products on the market. In addition to simple housewares such as food storage containers, the company produces a variety of other products to include closet organizers, shelving solutions, coolers, garbage containers, and even offers Rubbermaid Sheds for sale.  



Today, Rubbermaid Sheds have reached sales of more than $6.5 billion and growing.  One of the things that makes Rubbermaid sheds different from others is the innovative materials used that make this an extremely durable solution.  Rubbermaid sheds come in a variety of styles such as vertical, horizontal, and what are referred to as the “Big Max Family”, which consists of larger sheds, some big enough to store a riding lawnmower, tools, oversized trash containers, and more. 




These Rubbermaid sheds come in three specific sizes.  First, there is the Big Max, Jr., which boasts 147 cubic feet of storage capacity, second, the Big Max, which has 325 cubic feet of space, and third, the Big Max Ultra with a whopping 467 cubic feet of interior storage.  Each of these Rubbermaid sheds can be assembled easily and with the unique inside design, they are capable of supporting a wall anchor system for pegboard or shelving. 



The Rubbermaid sheds with a vertical design are also popular.  Because of the extra height, they make the perfect storage solution for gardening tools such as rakes, hoes, and weed eaters, as well as ladders.  These also come in varying sizes to include 17 cubic feet if you need a smaller shed, 52 cubic feet for the large shed, 74 cubic feet for the modular model, and 163 cubic feet for the double deep model. 



Then for the Rubbermaid sheds with a horizontal design, these are available in three specific sizes for cubic feet to include 18, 34, and 92.  However, of the different options, horizontal Rubbermaid sheds with 15 to 25 cubic feet of interior storage have a unique double wall feature, making them highly resistant to the environment.  Even the floor of the horizontal Rubbermaid sheds is made a heavy-duty impact resistant material. 



While a little bit different solution for storage, Rubbermaid sheds are also manufactured specific for patio or deck space.  Known as “patio benches” or “deck boxes”, these storage units are made from the same durable material as the larger sheds and built to last.  However, these unique storage units offer smaller space, making them ideal for children’s toys, deck/patio accessories, and outdoor furniture cushions.



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