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Shed Kits for sale are for the do it yourselfer, that doesn't mind a little assembly on site.  If you want to add a storage shed on your property, you have three options – you could purchase one already made, have a shed custom built, or you could consider different shed kits to build your own.Obviously of the three, a do-it-yourself project is going to be the most affordable.Now, if you have concerns about complexity of a project such as this, keep in mind that yes, some storage shed kits are quite involved but others are actually very easy to follow, even for someone without any building experience. 



If you decide shed kits are best for you, before you decide to build a kit, several things would need to be considered and decisions made.  For instance, you need to determine the best location for the shed, followed by the right type of foundation.  With that information, you could start searching for shed kits for the appropriate size needed.  As an example, if you plan to build a garden shed or one you could take with you when moving, you would need a skid foundation whereas if building a larger shed or something you would leave if moving, the foundation should be a concrete slab.  For this part of the project, you may need to get assistance from a contractor. 



Next, based on the storage shed kits you like most, you would decide on one and then purchase the required materials and tools according to the provided instructions.  Keep in mind that most people think high-end power tools are needed to build a storage shed but with most of the shed kits sold today, building something strong and durable could be accomplished with a power saw, level, hammer, measuring tape, nails, screws, and a screwdriver.  If you have a power saw great but if not, instead of spending more money to buy one, you could rent a saw from a local equipment rental company. 




One important note is that if you decide to build a wood storage shed, regardless of the shed kits interested in, make sure you purchase treated lumber boards for the exterior so they can withstand the elements and not be at risk for wood rot or termite damage.Then for the roof, we recommend corrugated iron or asphalt shingles.To save money on the doors, you could build them without windows or check with a salvage yard to find the right size doors already made. 



A key consideration for shed kits would be that prior to building, check your local building requirements to see if a permit is needed.  Typically, a smaller, freestanding shed could be built without a special permit but each state is different.  In addition, if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, make sure you can construct a storage shed since some do not allow single buildings to be erected regardless of size. 



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